What Raw Materials Can Be Commonly Used In Drum Cooler?

In the realm of industrial production, effective cooling of materials is essential for ensuring exceptional product quality and maximizing production output. Whether it be the fertilizer industry, chemical processing, food production, or beyond, the ability to efficiently cool materials is of paramount importance. Shunxin Machinery, a leading manufacturer of cooling solutions, designs drum coolers that are widely applicable across various industries

SX Rotary Drum Cooler for Sale
SX Rotary Drum Cooler for Sale

What Is A Rotary Cooler?

Rotary coolers are ingenious cooling machines specifically designed to lower the temperature of various materials. These cooling devices, equipped with rotating drums, utilize advanced cooling principles to effectively cool different types of raw materials. The versatility and performance of rotary coolers make them an integral part of industrial production processes worldwide.

Common Raw Materials for Cooling

The wide array of materials that can be effectively cooled using rotary drum cooler includes:

Materials Available In Rotary Drum Cooler
Materials Available In Rotary Drum Cooler


1. Fertilizer Industry

SX cooling machines are widely employed in the fertilizer industry to cool different types of fertilizers, including NPK fertilizers, organic fertilizers, compound fertilizers, and blended fertilizers. By maintaining optimal temperature and preventing nutrient loss, these coolers enhance the quality and stability of fertilizers.

2. Chemical Industry

Rotary coolers are extensively utilized in the chemical industry for cooling various chemicals, such as polymers, resins, dyestuffs, and pharmaceutical intermediates. Effective cooling of these materials helps maintain their desired properties and prevent undesired reactions.

3. Mineral Industry

In industries such as mining and metallurgy, our coolers play a vital role in cooling minerals and ores. Cooling these materials after processing enhances their stability, prevents agglomeration, and improves overall product quality.

Rotary Cooler In Mineral & Metallurgical Industry
Rotary Cooler In Mineral & Metallurgical Industry

4. Food and Feed Products

Besides, our cooling machines are used in the food and feed industries to cool products like cereals, nuts, extruded snacks, and animal feed pellets. Rapid and efficient cooling ensures optimal product quality, prolongs shelf life, and maintains nutritional value.

5. Biomass and Biofuels

Finally, our company designs drum coolers for the treatment of biomass and the production of biofuels. They cool materials such as wood chips, sawdust, agricultural residues, and biofuel pellets, enabling controlled and efficient cooling for further processing.

Why to Choose Shunxin’s Cooling Equipment?

When it comes to reliable and high-performance rotary coolers, our plant, Shunxin is at the forefront with our expertise in designing and manufacturing cooling machines.


1. Customized Solutions

Shunxin understands the unique requirements of different industries. We provide customized rotary cooling solutions to accommodate specific needs, including cooling capacity, material compatibility, and process parameters.

2. Advanced Technology

We utilizes cutting-edge technology in their rotary coolers. Their engineering prowess ensures efficient heat transfer, reduce cooling time, and optimize productivity.

3. Robust Build Quality

SX rotary coolers are built to last. Our engineers prioritize durability by employing high-quality materials and implementing meticulous construction techniques. This results in reliable performance, minimal maintenance, and an extended service life.

4. Wide Industrial Applicability

Shunxin’s cooling machines find diverse applications across industries beyond fertilizer production. They cater to the needs of chemical processing, food production, mineral processing, and biomass industries, showcasing their versatility and adaptability.


Shunxin Engineering Equipment Co., Ltd, known for their exceptional cooling solutions, stands as a trusted partner for multiple industrial sectors. Our drum coolers ensure efficient and precise cooling for diverse raw materials, enhancing product quality and process efficiency. You can visit this page: https://www.fertilizerdryer.com/drum-cooler-for-sale/ for more information.