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The up and down in crude oil price

Thursday, September 15th, 2016

The increase in crude oil prices is not a wonderful thing. Even many effects can occur from this. Each year the crude oil prices can change several times depended on world oil production. Usually, it also affected by the situation in many countries as happened in Canada. Fires in Canada causing disruption of supply and makes the availability of oil in the US is diminish. The government of US can increase crude oil prices because of the incident.

The largest oil supplier is from the middle east. If they have many cured oil supply, it can make cured oil prices crash. In economic law when consumers more than production, the price is high and when the production more than consumers, the price is low. So, we can know what makes the cured oil price can climb and crush. If you want to increase knowledge and update news about cured oil price or the stock, you can visit