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Monday, September 12th, 2016

Smoking is considered a great danger to one’s health and e-cigarettes exist as an alternative with lower risks. e cigarettes have been used by others to quit smoking. However, these electronic cigarettes have not yet been scientifically or medically tested to be a safe smoking alternative or gateway for traditional smokers. What exactly are e-cigarettes? How does the smoking device work?

E – Cigs Explained

E-cigs, vapor cigarettes, or e-cigarettes are the terms commonly used to refer to electronic cigarettes. These are also called ENDS or electronic nicotine delivery system and PV or personal vaporizer. This alternative is nicotine-based from the plant tobacco itself, although it does not contain tobacco. The main difference actually lies on the main substance or major content. Traditional cigarettes contain tobacco with visible smoke while e-cigs produce aerosol or vapor.

The electronic cigarette is composed of a heating element that atomizes the e-liquid or solution. This e-liquid is a mixture of nicotine, flavorings, glycol, and propylene glycol. Aside from the atomizer or the heating element, it also contains a battery with its circuitry, the mouthpiece or cartridge and the LED light cover.

The Three Generations of E-Cigarettes

The shape of vapor cigarettes usually comes in the form of a cylinder, pipe style, or box type. Knowing its style and shape introduces you to its three generations or model.

The first generation of e-cigarettes are also called “cigalikes” as they are somewhat similar to traditional cigarettes. You can have it as either rechargeable or disposable. Disposable “cigalikes” are disposed when the battery or its e-juice is being consumed. The rechargeable ones are those that contain a cartomizer or the cartridge and the battery. These reusable devices usually come in kits containing a cartridge or two, a charger and a battery. You can have a charger in the form of USB or a portable “cigalike” case that is bigger than the actual e-cig.

On the other hand, the second and third generations come in a bulkier size than the first generation electronic cigs. They can be charged with a USB charger. They usually come with a cartomizer, clearomizer, and a modified hardware for increasing flavor.

Although vapor cigarettes have been said to aid smokers in quitting smoking, some studies have claimed that it is a false idea or has no real connection to smoke quitting. However, there are some smokers that have been helped by the best e-cigarette UK to successfully quit smoking.