How to use disc pelleting equipment to make limestone granules


Limestone granules are a valuable commodity in various industries such as agriculture, construction, and water treatment. To produce high-quality limestone pellets, disc pelleting equipment is commonly used. This equipment is designed to transform powdered limestone into uniform granules through a process of agglomeration and compression. In this passage, we will discuss how to use disc pelleting equipment to make limestone granules effectively.

Preparing the Limestone Powder

Before using the disc pelleting equipment, it is important to prepare the limestone powder properly. The powder should be finely ground and free from impurities. It is also essential to ensure that the moisture content of the powder is within the optimal range, typically between 10-12%, to facilitate the granulation process.

Setting Up the Disc Pelleting Equipment

Once the limestone powder is prepared, the next step is to set up the disc pelleting equipment. The equipment consists of a rotating disc, a feeder, and a scraper. The disc should be set at an angle between 40-50 degrees to ensure proper granulation. The feeder should be adjusted to regulate the flow of the powder onto the disc, while the scraper should be positioned to remove any granules that stick to the disc.

The Granulation Process

The granulation process begins by feeding the limestone powder onto the rotating disc. As the disc rotates, the powder is agglomerated into small pellets due to the centrifugal force. The pellets are then compressed as they roll down the disc, resulting in uniform granules. The granules are then collected at the bottom of the disc and can be further processed or packaged as needed.

Maintenance and Troubleshooting

To ensure the efficient operation of the disc pelleting equipment, regular maintenance is required. This includes cleaning the disc, feeder, and scraper regularly to prevent clogging and buildup of material. Additionally, it is important to monitor the moisture content of the limestone powder and make adjustments as needed to maintain the optimal range. If any issues arise during the granulation process, troubleshooting may be necessary to identify and resolve the problem.


Disc pelleting equipment is an effective tool for producing limestone granules. By properly preparing the limestone powder, setting up the equipment, and following the granulation process, high-quality granules can be produced. Regular maintenance and troubleshooting are also essential to ensure the smooth operation of the equipment. With the right knowledge and techniques, disc pelleting equipment can be used to create a valuable product for various industries. If you want to other limestone powder pelletizer, we can also provide you with the best machines.