How to use disk granulator to make cat litter fertilizer pellets

Disk granulator machine, also known as pan granulator, is a popular machine used in the production of cat litter fertilizer pellets. Cat litter pellets are made from materials such as bentonite clay, wood shavings, and paper pulp, and are used to absorb urine and feces in cat litter boxes. In this passage, we will explore the process of using a disk granulator to make cat litter fertilizer pellets.

Preparing the Raw Materials

Before using the disk granulator, it is essential to prepare the raw materials. The materials need to be crushed into a fine powder and mixed with a binder to help the pellets hold together. The binder can be a natural material like starch or a synthetic material like polyvinyl alcohol. The mixture should have a moisture content of around 10-15% to ensure that the pellets form properly.

Setting Up the Disk Granulator

Once the raw materials are prepared, the next step is to set up the disk granulator. The granulator consists of a large rotating disk that is slightly tilted. The disk is equipped with a series of plows that help to mix and agitate the materials as they move around the disk. The granulator also has a spray system that adds water to the mixture to help the pellets form.

Making the Pellets

To make the pellets, the prepared mixture is fed into the granulator. As the disk rotates, the plows mix the materials, and the spray system adds water to help the pellets form. The pellets start as small granules and grow in size as they move around the disk. The angle of the disk and the speed of rotation can be adjusted to control the size and shape of the pellets.

Drying and Cooling the Pellets

After the pellets are formed, they need to be dried and cooled before they can be used as cat litter. The pellets are transferred to a drying machine, where they are heated to remove any remaining moisture. Once the pellets are dry, they are cooled to room temperature.

Packaging and Storage

The final step in the process is to package and store the cat litter pellets. The pellets are typically packaged in bags or boxes and stored in a dry, cool place until they are ready to be used.


Using a disk granulator to make cat litter fertilizer pellets is a straightforward process that involves preparing the raw materials, setting up the granulator, making the pellets, drying and cooling the pellets, and packaging and storing the pellets. With the right equipment and materials, anyone can make high-quality cat litter pellets that are environmentally friendly and effective at absorbing waste.