How to use horizontal carbonization furnace to make bamboo charcoal

Introduction to Horizontal Carbonization Furnace

A horizontal carbonization furnace is a machine used to convert bamboo into charcoal through a process known as carbonization. This process involves heating the bamboo in a low oxygen environment to remove water and volatile organic compounds. The result is a high-quality bamboo charcoal that has many uses, including fuel, water purification, and air purification.

details of horizontal carbonization machine
details of horizontal carbonization machine

Preparation of Bamboo for Carbonization

Before using a horizontal carbonization furnace, it is important to prepare the bamboo properly. The bamboo should be cut into uniform pieces and dried to remove moisture. The ideal moisture content for bamboo before carbonization is around 8-12%. Once the bamboo is dry, it can be loaded into the furnace.

Loading the Bamboo into the Furnace

The horizontal carbonization furnace is designed to hold a large amount of bamboo at once. The bamboo should be loaded into the furnace evenly to ensure consistent carbonization. Once the bamboo is loaded, the furnace is sealed to create a low oxygen environment.

The Carbonization Process

The carbonization process involves heating the bamboo to a high temperature, typically between 300-500°C. The furnace is equipped with a heating system that can be controlled to maintain the desired temperature. The process can take several hours, depending on the size of the furnace and the amount of bamboo being carbonized.

Cooling and Unloading the Charcoal

Once the carbonization process is complete, the furnace must be allowed to cool before the charcoal can be unloaded. The cooling process can take several hours, as the furnace must be cooled slowly to prevent the charcoal from cracking. Once the furnace is cool, the charcoal can be unloaded and stored for future use.

Uses of Bamboo Charcoal

Bamboo charcoal has many uses, including as a fuel for cooking and heating, as a water purifier, and as an air purifier. It is also used in the production of activated carbon, which is used in a variety of industrial and medical applications.


The horizontal carbonization furnace is an efficient and effective way to convert bamboo into high-quality charcoal. By following the steps outlined above, you can produce bamboo charcoal that can be used for a variety of purposes. Whether you are using it for personal use or for commercial purposes, the horizontal carbonization furnace is a valuable tool for producing this versatile and eco-friendly product. And hoisting carbonization machine can also make bamboo charcoal.